The University of Utah and USTAR in the News

Date Article
November 16, 2007 Putting a lid on global warming
The Salt Lake Tribune
October 29, 2007 USTAR introduces two “nanotechnology all stars” lured to Utah with State funding:
Duo working on early disease detection and killing cancerous tumors

Connect Magazine
October 27, 2007 USTAR Hailed as an Economic Success
The Deseret Morning News
March 14, 2006 Huntsman Hails USTAR
He Likens Initiative to Research Park

Deseret Morning News
February 9, 2006 USTAR Project seeks to expand U research, economic growth
The Daily Utah Chronicle
December 17, 2010 U of Utah: No.1 for Startups
University of Utah News Center
January 26, 2011 University of Utah Celebrates its 5,000th invention
February 23, 2011 USTAR Professor in Digital Media Cluster Film Studies
University of Utah FYI Newsletter Online
May 1, 2011 Utah Lures Research Stars with Money and Support
The Chronicle of Higher Education

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