Building and Infrastructure


USTAR BuildingThe University has a $30 million match requirement that must be met to receive the State’s$100 million contribution to the construction of the new building. The University has secured $10 million of this match and is in the process of negotiating research partnerships with major firms located in Utah to raise the additional $20 million. State funding was allocated to start the building programming process, which is about to begin.

The University of Utah is concluding the programming stage of the Neuroscience Biomedical Technology Building, funded primarily with USTAR monies. The interdisciplinary research facility will include a nanofabrication facility, wet and dry labs, core facilities, conference center facilities, and PI offices.

USTAR Building viewed from west side

USTAR Building viewed from the east side

James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology BuildingĀ 
USTAR Building
36 S Wasatch Dr.
Salt Lake City
UT 84112