About USTAR at the University of Utah

“USTAR has enabled the University of Utah to attract and retain a host of truly amazing faculty investigators from around the world, who have contributed their research expertise, stature and reputation to the University’s preeminence. From inception through FY12, the UofU successfully recruited 33 USTAR faculty who have generated more than $76 million in grants, with over $80 million in research proposals pending. USTAR has gained national attention as an innovative, visionary and far reaching effort o bolster Utah’s high-technology economy while finding solutions to complex human and quality of life problems.”

David W. Pershing, PhD
President, University of Utah

What is USTAR?

Utah’s business community rallied in 2005-06 to encourage the Utah Legislature to invest in the USTAR Economic Development Initiative, a long-term investment in Utah’s economic future. The business community support was broad-based and included the participation of the State’s many chambers of commerce, the Utah Technology Council, the Economic Development Corporation of Utah, and many local economic development agencies.

This group effectively lobbied the Legislature, and as a result SB 75 passed with overwhelming support. SB 75 allocated $179 million to the USTAR Economic Development Initiative, $15 million in ongoing annual funding to support research teams at the University of Utah and Utah State University, $4 million to support economic outreach programs around the State, and $160 million toward the construction of $200 million in new research facilities at the University of Utah and Utah State University. The University of Utah and Utah State University will each contribute matching funds toward the research buildings. $10 million from Utah State University and $30 million from the University of Utah.

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